You asked: What Disney movie doesn’t have the Pizza Planet truck?

The Pizza Planet truck — featured in Pixar’s first movie, “Toy Story,” — appears in almost every one of the studio’s animated films except “The Incredibles.”

What Pixar movies is the Pizza Planet truck not in?

The Pizza Planet Truck has appeared in every Pixar film to date except The Incredibles, as repeatedly stated by Lee Unkrich. Despite not making an actual appearance in the film, the truck (as well as the Eggman Movers moving van from the original Toy Story) can be found in levels of The Incredibles video game.

Is the Pizza Planet truck in Moana?

A113 makes an appearance in every Pixar feature film. … The Pizza Planet truck first made an appearance in Toy Story and has made a cameo in nearly every Pixar feature film.

Is there a real life Pizza Planet?

An actual Pizza Planet exists at the Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios park in Florida and Disneyland Paris. It mainly serves pizza and salad, has a second story, and a big arcade.

Is Moana a Pixar movie?

No, Pixar was not involved in making the animated movie, “Moana”. It was made by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney animation Studios.

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