You asked: Can I add Disney plus to my ESPN Plus account?

Yes, you are. We’ll credit your new Disney Bundle account an amount equal to the monthly value of your existing ESPN+ subscription. … If you purchased ESPN+ through an app store like Apple or Roku, you’ll need to create/link your account to your app store purchase.

How do I add Disney Plus to ESPN Plus?

After logging in at, navigate to your Account from your Profile icon and head to the Billing Details screen. Find the ESPN+ logo under My Services and select Stream Now to access ESPN+. You will log in to your ESPN+ account using the same credentials as you use for Disney+.

Can I add Disney+ to my ESPN+ account?

Now you can bundle your Hulu and ESPN Plus accounts with Disney Plus. Use the same email when signing up for each service.

Can I combine my Disney Plus and ESPN Plus?

And if you already subscribe to Hulu or ESPN Plus, don’t worry because you can combine those streaming services with Disney Plus to get a discounted price to use all three together. The Disney Plus bundle costs $12.99 per month, which saves you $5 each month.

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How do I link Disney+ and ESPN+?

Activate Disney+ and ESPN+

  1. Log in to your Account page and look for the Activations section.
  2. Select Activate next to Disney+ and ESPN+
  3. Create your new Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts and start streaming!

How do I upgrade my Disney plus?

How do I update my Disney account?

  1. Go to Communication Choices on The Walt Disney Company Privacy site.
  2. Select “Disney, ESPN, ABC, Marvel and Star Wars accounts”
  3. Login to your Disney account.
  4. Update account info as needed.
  5. Click “Done” near the bottom of the pop up.

Is ESPN plus part of Disney plus?

Disney Plus bundle includes ESPN and Hulu: Everything you need to know.

Can you bundle ESPN+ and Disney+?

What does The Disney Bundle include? The Disney Bundle includes access to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. To learn more about each service, select from the list below: Hulu: watch thousands of hit movies and TV shows from Hulu’s streaming library.

Can I add Hulu to my Disney plus?

Yes! If you were an existing Hulu subscriber when you signed up for The Disney Bundle through Disney, you can continue to manage your Hulu subscription to the extent permitted by the terms of that separate subscription.

How do I upgrade my ESPN Plus subscription?

All you need to do is click on the slider tab of the bundle you want, then Review Changes at the bottom of your screen. That means you can be enjoying Disney+Plus, Hulu, and / or ESPN Plus within moments thanks to this Disney+ upgrade.

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Is Disney plus free with Amazon Prime?

Disney Plus Is Cheaper but It Doesn’t Come with Amazon Prime

The answer is no, unfortunately.

How do I upgrade my Disney Plus to bundle?

Two ways to sign up for The Disney Bundle

  1. Sign up at
  2. Go to your Account page. Select Switch to The Disney Bundle.