Why is Disney changing the name of Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain’s replacement is part of a broader diversity and inclusion initiative at Disney’s theme parks to address offensive content in its theme parks, and Walt Disney World and Disneyland have also retooled their Jungle Cruise attraction to address the ride’s negative depictions of native people.

Why did Disney replace Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain, a Disney Theme Park staple ride, is undergoing a design change in response to complaints about its association with the film Song of the South. Disney announced in a statement on Thursday that the ride would be “re-themed” to focus on the 2009 animated film The Princess and the Frog.

Is Disney changing Splash Mountain name?

In June, Walt Disney Co. announced it would retheme the Splash Mountain attractions at Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland and at Disneyland, installing “The Princess and the Frog” storyline and replacing the “Song of the South” characters.

Is Disney getting rid of Splash Mountain?

While not admitting that the recent outcry was the reason for the change, Disney has announced that the attraction will see a re-theme to The Princess and the Frog and while the actual overhaul of Splash Mountain is likely years away, it seems that both resorts have begun to take steps to remove other Song of the South …

Will Disney change their mind about Splash Mountain?

According to Disney’s refurbishment calendar, Splash Mountain is not scheduled to close for refurbishment at least through early-August, 2021, though they could also choose to keep the ride open while they begin work on the ride (similar to what they’ve done at Jungle Cruise).

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What is Splash Mountain turning into?

Disney announced in June 2020 that it would be turning its Splash Mountain attractions at its US theme parks into “Princess and the Frog”-themed rides.