Why do subtitles never work on Disney plus?

If Disney Plus subtitles are still not working, we suggest that you reinstall the app on your device. … First, locate the Disney Plus app from your app drawer. After that, press its app icon to access the selection screen. Lastly, tap on Uninstall to delete Disney Plus.

How do I get subtitles on Disney Plus?


  1. Open your Disney+ app.
  2. Select the movie you want to watch, and play it.
  3. Tap the subtitle button (rectangular icon) at the top right of your screen.
  4. Then, select the language that you want your subtitles to be in.
  5. Your subtitles will then start to appear in your screen.

How do I fix subtitles on Disney Plus PS4?

Jump into your Disney Plus app on your PS4 and then from the Settings select Accessibility. Next, select Closed Captions. Now, from here you will want to enable the Closed Captions option and then disable the Show Closed Captions setting as Specified by Content option.

How do I change subtitles on Disney plus?

To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. While watching a video, select the Audio and Subtitle settings. (It’s in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.) …
  2. Select your desired language. For most devices, after you’ve made a selection, the display will close automatically.
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How do I fix Disney plus subtitles?

How to Fix Disney Plus Subtitles or Closed-Captions Not Working? (All Devices)

  1. Check Disney Plus Servers. …
  2. Restart Disney Plus or Reload the Web Page. …
  3. Update Disney Plus App. …
  4. Enable Closed-Captioning on Your Device. …
  5. Change Subtitles Settings and Styling. …
  6. Try Another Movie or TV Show. …
  7. Use Another Device.

Are there subtitles on Disney+?

Other than rare exceptions, the movies, series, and shows on Disney+ are available with Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) in English on most devices and platforms, including: Web Browser. iOS.

How do you change Disney subtitles on ps4?

How do I customize the appearance of subtitles and closed captions?

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Select Subtitles & Captioning.
  4. Select Style.
  5. On this screen, you can choose a pre-set style, or you can create a new one.

Why is Disney plus only in Spanish?

You can change the language on Disney Plus by switching the audio settings while a title is playing through the box icon in the upper-right of the screen. Another way you can change the Disney Plus app language is through your profile settings. … Not every Disney Plus movie or TV show will have a full range of languages.

How can I change subtitles on Netflix?

Open Netflix on your Android phone or iOS app and choose the show. When it’s playing, tap then select Audio & subtitles. Choose the subtitle language and audio language then click apply.

How can I put subtitles on my TV?

How to Turn Closed Captions on for Cable TV

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote control.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select Settings & Support.
  3. Press the OK/Select button.
  4. The first highlighted option should be Accessibility.
  5. Use the arrow buttons to select Closed Captioning.
  6. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Save.
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