Who should you level up in Disney Magic Kingdoms?

You have to level up the characters in order to keep playing their story quests. For example, Mickey Mouse has to be a level 9 to receive the quest to find out where Minnie is. If you want to unlock Minnie, you have to level up Mickey so he can complete that quest.

How do you level up fast in Magic Kingdom?

Another top tip for boosting magic levels quickly: When you start a parade, your rides and concession stands will for some reason generate magic even faster, while quests give you bonus magic. Just tap on the parade stand near the castle to kick one off.

How many levels are there in Disney kingdoms?

The maximum level increased from 51 to 61 with the Frozen Event Update on 7th December 2016. The “Level Up!

What is the fastest way to get gems in Magic Kingdom?

Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to Get More Gems for Free

  1. Level Yourself Up.
  2. Run a Parade.
  3. Level Up Your Characters.
  4. Watch Some Videos.
  5. Play Every Day.
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How do I get more magic at Magic Kingdom?

Earne Magic by completing activities and quests, collecting from attractions, leveling up the Kingdom and characters, finding Enchanted Chests, collecting Calendar, Parades, and more! ) to purchase Magic from the Currency Shop. Access the shop by tapping the (+) icon next to the Magic meter at the top of the screen.

How do you win at Magic Kingdom?

8 Tips for Playing Magic Kingdoms

  1. #1 – Be Patient.
  2. #2 – Game Glitches and Contacting Gameloft.
  3. #3 – Build, Build and Build Some More.
  4. #4 – Participate in Events.
  5. #5 – Level Up Your Characters.
  6. #6 – Visit Friends.
  7. #7 – Take time to Appreciate the Little Things.
  8. #8 – Participate in the Community.

How many characters are there in Disney Magic Kingdoms?

About. Disney Magic Kingdoms now features over 220 of your favorite Disney Characters. Managing all of them can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming!

Why is there a character limit on Disney Magic Kingdoms?

Because the character limit in the kingdom was due to balance changes, so that there would be a better function in the game environment, maybe if they add more lands they end up adding more characters to the limit.

How do you get characters at Magic Kingdom?

There are 3 main types of Characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms: Main Storyline Characters, Premium Characters, and Event/Limited-Time Characters.

  1. Main Storyline Characters can be unlocked through normal play as you progress through the Main Storyline quests.
  2. Premium Characters can only be purchased with Gems (

How do you unlock cursed areas in Disney kingdoms?

Cursed Areas can be unlocked by completing quests. Make sure to collect as much Magic as possible to help clear more of the curse.

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How old do you have to be to play Disney Magic Kingdom?

What is the minimum age requirement for unaccompanied children to enter Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks and other locations? A. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by a Guest age 14 or older to enter the following Walt Disney World parks and locations: Magic Kingdom Park.

How do you zoom out in Magic Kingdom?

Try holding CTRL and scrolling the mouse wheel.