What were the Disney Channel Games called?

The Disney Channel Games, also called the DC games, was a mini-series on Disney Channel that aired every Saturday night as part of their So Hot Summer programming, the year 2006 was the first time they aired the games. In 2007, the yellow team was introduced.

What Disney movie came out 2008?


Title Original U.S. theatrical release date Animation studio
Bolt November 21, 2008 Walt Disney Animation Studios
Up May 29, 2009 Pixar Animation Studios
Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure September 3, 2009 (Argentina) Disneytoon Studios
A Christmas Carol November 3, 2009 (London) ImageMovers Digital

What Disney show started 2011?

Disney Channel original series

Year Series Premiere date
2011 PrankStars July 15, 2011
Jessie September 30, 2011
Austin & Ally December 2, 2011
2012 Doc McStuffins March 23, 2012
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