What is MOD power in Disney heroes?

Mods are items in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode that are used to boost your Heroes’ stats. They can be obtained as rewards from the Invasion. Once equipped to a Hero, a Mod can be upgraded by increasing its level using Mod Power or by advancing it to a higher tier. …

What do mods do in Disney heroes?

Mods are upgrades you can equip to your heroes to increase their core stats. You can collect Mods from the Invasion. The shape of the mod determines which core stat the mod increases: Circular mods increase a hero’s hit points.

What does skill power do in Disney heroes?

Skill Power: The amount of damage a Hero does with their special skills. This stat varies between skills; some skills do more damage as Skill Power increases, others do more damage as Basic damage increases, and others still do more damage as the skill’s level increases.

What does the C mean in Disney heroes?

It means that Mike Wazowski is progressing in a Collection Tier, specifically in the Damage and Stun Collection.

How do you mod Disney heroes?

They can be obtained as rewards from the Invasion. Each Hero can have up to four Mods equipped to them, and each Mod slot is unlocked at a specific rarity; the first slot is unlocked at Purple +1, the second slot at Purple +3, the third slot at Orange +0, and the fourth slot at Orange +2.

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How do you unlock red skills in Disney heroes?

Unlike previous skills, you’ll need to unlock a Red Skill before it becomes active. Before a Red Skill becomes active in combat, you’ll need to unlock it. Unlocking a red skill costs Gold, Hero Chips and Red Skill Chips. Red Skill Chips can be earned by playing through the City Watch’s new Epic Mode.

What is fantastic damage in Disney heroes?

Fantastic damage is essentially the Disney Heroes equivalent of magic damage – it is administered primarily through attacks that employ the use of magic or other non-physical forces (fire, ice, electricity, etc.), although some physical attacks are capable of inflicting fantastic damage.

How many orange levels are in Disney heroes?

Orange is the fifth rarity. It has nine tiers, ranging from Orange 0 to Orange +8. No new skills are unlocked at this rarity, but at Orange +1 Heroes can have a third Mod equipped, and at Orange +3 they can have a fourth.