What is Disney Hyperion email?

Customer Service. For inquiries regarding product availability, ordering information, status of shipment, billing, defective merchandise, or returns, please e-mail customer service at: customer.service@hbgusa.com or 1-800-759-0190.

Is Hyperion Disney?

The Hyperion Theater is located at Disney California Adventure in Hollywood Land. It is currently presenting Frozen – Live at the Hyperion. The theater can seat up to 1,984 people.

Hyperion Theater
Designer Walt Disney Imagineering

How do I submit a book to Disney?

You must submit your projects via Disney SendIt to WDI.Imaginations@disney.com please note you will be required to create an account and download software in order to submit your project. All self-registered accounts will expire 12 months after activation or after 3 months of inactivity.

Does Disney own Hyperion books?

In the end, Disney sold the entire adult Hyperion publishing line, except for what it describes as “franchised-based titles” from its television group, which it will continue to publish via Disney Publishing Worldwide, its children’s book arm.

Can I write a Disney book?

Yes, you can write a book about Disney parks and mention Disney. However, there is a risk that your use of the Disney trademarks might be misconstrued as an indication that your book is sponsored or endorsed by Disney.

How do you become a Disney writer?

Here’s the exact method I recommend for how to become a writer for Disney:

  1. Decide what kind of writer you want to become (Screenwriter, Editor, News writer, Technical writer).
  2. Study the backstories of existing Disney writers.
  3. Take screenwriting courses.
  4. Read and study screenwriting books.
  5. Prepare a portfolio of scripts.
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Can you pitch ideas to Disney?

Make sure you have a great idea and perfect pitch. … Disney will not accept unsolicited ideas from someone with no representation. In fact, Disney’s policy is to reject all unrepresented, unsolicited ideas.

Who writes Disney books?

Current contributors include authors Liz Braswell, Elizabeth Lim, and Jen Calonita. Star Darlings – launched with two chapter books in September 2015.