What Disney songs did Lin Manuel Miranda write?

LOS ANGELES — Lin-Manuel Miranda has signed on to write the music for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new animated feature “Encanto.” “Encanto takes you to Colombia, where a magical family live in a magical home,” Disney announced on Twitter.

Did Lin-Manuel Miranda write all the songs in Hamilton?

Miranda worked on “Hamilton“— a project people, including his mentor and famed lyricist Stephen Sondheim, told him would never work — for years. He has said that he worked on the songs “Alexander Hamilton” and “My Shot” for an entire year each.

Is Hamilton the best musical ever?

Hamilton made history this year by receiving a grand total of 16 nominations for this year’s Tony Awards – ultimately winning a total of 11, including Best Musical. … In honor of this week’s Tony Awards, we asked our readers to vote for the best musical of all time.

Why Hamilton is the best musical?

Combining hip-hop, rap, jazz, R&B and Broadway tunes, Hamilton’s score and lyrics are fresh, innovative and catchy. In fact, The Atlantic made a case for it being the album of the year in 2016. … The cast, in best Broadway tradition, is well-versed and alternates between the genres without missing a beat… or a breath.

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