What Disney character wears a red headband?

Snow White was the first Disney Princess to wear a bow. She sweetly tied off her red headband with a simple red bow accenting her red lips.

Which Disney Princess wears a headband?

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty has these really thick and golden strands of hair, as well as bangs. And a good portion of this film shows her wearing a black headband. Hair accessories of all types are always trending, but recently, headbands, in particular, have been super popular.

Which Disney Princess has the best voice?

View this video on YouTube. Range is a big deal and Princess Tiana has that. She hits soulful low notes and soaring high notes in the span of one song. The touch of rasp on some of her vocals makes her the most dynamic singing princess.

What cartoon character wears a red hat?

Yosemite Sam is a cartoon character in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of short films produced by Warner Bros.

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