What did Walt Disney do at the Kansas City Star?

Did Walt Disney work for the Kansas City Star?

Walt Disney

He applied for a permanent job with The Star as a cartoonist, clerk and even truck driver – but the newspaper turned him down each time. Disney based Mickey Mouse on a little rodent he befriended while working in his small animation studio in Kansas City.

What did Walt Disney do for Missouri?

After serving in the Red Cross during World War I, Disney moved back to Kansas City to work as an advertising cartoonist. He had hoped to work at the local paper, but was only able to find work at a commercial art studio. Walt eventually landed a job at the Kansas City Slide Company making animated commercials.

Why did Disney move to Kansas City?

In 1908 Herbert and Raymond decided they had had enough of farming, and of their father’s insistence that they use any extra money they could earn to help support the family. So the farm was sold for $5,175, and the family moved to Kansas City in the summer of 1911. …

What is the relationship between Kansas and Disney?

What we do know: At a Kansas City ad agency, Disney met another Kansas Citian named Ub Iwerks (pronounced Oob Eyewerks). They became close friends and, after they were both laid off, went into business together with the aim of syndicating a comic strip.

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