How much is a 75th anniversary Mickey Mouse watch worth?

How much is a 1933 Mickey Mouse watch worth?

Its monetary value can be quite high, however. The original Mickey Mouse wristwatch sold for about $3 in 1933, while one was sold in 2005 for a reported $6,500 and another was sold in late 2010 for $2,500.

Who made the original Mickey Mouse watch?

It all started in 1932, when the once-dominant Waterbury Clock Company was struggling. The 10-year-old Disney Company was struggling. A Kansas City advertising man named Herman ‘Kay’ Kamen saved them both.

What Disney items are worth money?

Here is a look at 25 Old Disney Items That Are Worth A Fortune Today.

  1. 1 Beauty and the Beast VHS Tape – $13,500.
  2. 2 Princess Ariel Talking Doll – $1,700. …
  3. 3 Aladdin Genie Plush Doll – $1,000. …
  4. 4 Mickey Mouse Pez Dispensers – up to $800. …
  5. 5 Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Doll – $500. …
  6. 6 The Little Mermaid Storybook and Music Box – $500. …

Are Disney watches collectible?

During a period from 1933 until around the 1990s, many watch brands produced Disney character watches. These watches are now considered collectibles because they are no longer produced. … In 1968, Timex started manufacturing Disney character watches until they were taken over by Bradley in 1972.

Is Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?

Neither. Mickey is obviously a mouse.

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