How many subscribers did Disney plus have on the first day?

Still, subscribers flocked to Disney right off the bat: 10 million people signed up within the first day. In its first operating quarter, the service secured 26.5 million subscribers.

How many people bought Disney+ on the first day?

Alterations made to films and television shows also attracted media attention. Ten million users had subscribed to Disney+ by the end of its first day of operation. The service had 116 million global subscribers as of July 2021.


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How many subscribers did Disney plus get in 2020?

The Walt Disney Company reported that Disney+ had 116 million subscribers worldwide as of its third quarter of 2021.

Disney+’s number of subscribers worldwide from 1st quarter 2020 to 2nd quarter 2021 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of subscribers in millions
May 2020** 54.5

Did Disney Plus lose subscribers?

Disney+ ended the most recent quarter with 103.6 million subscribers worldwide, the company reported. … Disney executives, speaking on a conference call with analysts, repeatedly reiterated that Disney+ remained “on track” to reach 230 million to 260 million subscribers by the end of 2024.

Who is Disney+ target audience?

And content-wise, Disney Plus seems to offer something for everyone: kids, teens, adults, men and women. “We are seeing the four-quadrant appeal of our brands reflected in our subscriber numbers,” Iger noted.

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Is Disney+ a success?

Disney Plus has stood out as the most successful new service in the so-called streaming wars. Disney Plus grew to 103.6 subscribers as of April 3, Disney said Thursday in its fiscal second-quarter report, up from just 33 million a year earlier. … Disney Plus launched just a year and half ago, in November 2019.

Who has more subscribers Netflix or Disney Plus?

Disney has already projected 230 million to 260 million subscribers by 2024. That’s Netflix-land. Netflix has about 208 million customers.

Which is better Netflix or Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has a much lower price, but its library of content, while pretty large, doesn’t compare to Netflix. Also, Netflix has it beat with the number of its original TV shows and movies, and that will be the case for years to come. … If all of that appeals to you, then Disney Plus is likely the winner.

Is Disney going to overtake Netflix?

Netflix, the long reigning king of streaming, is set to be dethroned by Disney. Disney Plus, combined with Disney-owned ESPN+ and Hulu, collectively put Disney on top. Disney is expected to overtake Netflix in overall subscribers by 2024 at the latest.

Who are Disney plus competitors?

Here’s a little on each.

  • Netflix. The heavyweight champ. …
  • Disney Plus. The Marvel/Star Wars/Everything Mouse House juggernaut. …
  • HBO Max. Where Batman, Game of Thrones, Friends and Sesame Street meet. …
  • Peacock. The Office and the only service with a free option. …
  • Paramount Plus. …
  • Discovery Plus.