How long does it take to get from Disney to Universal?

Yes, the driving distance between Walt Disney World to Universal Studios Florida is 18 miles. It takes approximately 24 min to drive from Walt Disney World to Universal Studios Florida. Where can I stay near Universal Studios Florida? There are 2726+ hotels available in Universal Studios Florida.

Is there transportation from Disney to Universal Studios?

Disney does not provide transportation to Universal Studios from Disney Resort Hotels. … The free shuttle transfers are on board Mears Transportation. It is an easy process. You call Mears about 24 hours before you are visiting Universal Studios to schedule your pick up time.

Is there a shuttle from Disney springs to Universal?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Disney Springs Superstop and arriving at Universal Boulevard And Hollywood Way. Services depart once daily, and operate every day. … The best way to get from Disney Springs Superstop to Universal Studios Florida without a car is to line 303 bus which takes 30 min and costs $2.

What is the best way to get from Disney World to Universal Studios?

Below we go through these options.

  1. Ridesharing Apps (Uber or Lyft) Ridesharing companies have really transformed the way we do transportation. …
  2. Shuttle. If you are staying at one of Disney World’s on-property hotels, then another option would be to take a shuttle to Universal Orlando Resort. …
  3. Taxi Service. …
  4. Rent a Car.
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How do you get from Disney to Universal without a car?

An alternative option to get between Universal and Disney is a shared bus. Mears provide a service which we have used before. Hotel staff; depending on how helpful they are; will arrange this for you. From our experience, if there are more than 3 of you getting a taxi or Uber works out cheaper than the Mears shuttle.

Is there free transportation from Disney to Universal?

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer free shuttle services between their resorts and affiliated theme parks, but you may have to transfer from one to the other. Usually, routes run every 20 to 30 minutes, departing from the entrance of every Disney and Universal property.

How much is uber from Disney to Universal?

Disney Tips

Average Uber cost from Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando’s drop-off point is $20-25 per trip. Average wait for a pick-up at Walt Disney World is 4-8 minutes.

How much is a taxi from Disney to Universal?

Some families prefer good ol’ fashioned taxi service to get between their Disney Resort and Universal Studios. There are multiple taxi services in the Orlando area, with Mears Transportation Group leading the pack. Expect one-way taxi fares to cost around $45.

Can you stay at Disney and go to Universal?

Sure. You can also stay at Disney and go to Universal, or stay off property and visit both theme parks.

Is Universal cheaper than Disney?

With that said, Universal is less expensive than Walt Disney World in most ways. Park tickets and food prices are not particularly noticeable, but the big one is hotel rates. Not only is Universal significantly cheaper, but its resorts include perks that would cost additional money at Walt Disney World.

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How much is a Mears shuttle from Disney to Universal?

Mears offers a group shuttle service right from your Disney resort hotel to Universal Studios. This service costs $21 per adult and $16 per child with children under 3 able to ride for free.