How do you unlock Zurg in Disney arena?

The Queen’s Clash is an 11-day event focused on Downtown Villain Characters. Throughout the event you will work towards unlocking Emperor Zurg! Battle against the Queen of Hearts to earn a new event currency, Heart Coins.

How do you unlock Maleficent?

Unlock Cost

Maleficent is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is the main antagonist of the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. To unlock her, you need 80 Maleficent Chips.

What are Disney Arena tactics?

Tactics: Chance occurrences on the affected character’s abilities are guaranteed. Life Drain: Affected character heals a percent of damage dealt. Taunt: All enemies must attack Characters with Taunt. Counter: Affected character will immediately attack the character who attacks it next.

What is potency in Disney arena?

What is potency Disney arena? A high potency heightens your chance of applying a negative effect TO an enemy. A high tenacity heightens your chance of resisting a negative effect FROM an enemy.

How do you use potion levels in Disney arena?

Get Permanent Stats Upgrade with Level Up Potions

Next, tap on a character card under “Characters”. You will see a character’s current level on the right side of his page. Tap on the yellow “level up” button and then tap on the same button again to upgrade your character.

How do you play with friends on Disney arena?

Once you’re on the same server:

  1. Join the conversation in global chat. Your friends will be able to tap on your name in chat and add you as a friend. …
  2. Join the same guild. Once you’re in the same guild, you can add each other as friends and always be in touch.
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Is Disney Sorcerer’s arena good?

It offers 3D graphics, beautifully crafted Disney and Pixar characters – each with unique skill animations and art-style. The UI is decent, characters are well-designed, their skill animations are amazing. For graphics, 5/5 stars.