How do you get challenge tokens in Disney heroes?

How do you get Hero chips in Disney heroes?

Each Hero has their own version of Hero Chips, and they can be collected from the Elite Campaign, Guild and Diamond Chests, any of the game’s shops, and as prizes from most server-wide contest events.

How do you get mods in Disney heroes?

They can be obtained as rewards from the Invasion. Each Hero can have up to four Mods equipped to them, and each Mod slot is unlocked at a specific rarity; the first slot is unlocked at Purple +1, the second slot at Purple +3, the third slot at Orange +0, and the fourth slot at Orange +2.

What do mods do in Disney heroes?

Mods are upgrades you can equip to your heroes to increase their core stats. You can collect Mods from the Invasion. The shape of the mod determines which core stat the mod increases: Circular mods increase a hero’s hit points.

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