Can you buy refillable cups at Disney World?

While you can’t use your resort mug in the parks (unless you’re getting water), you CAN purchase refillable mugs in the water parks — Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Can you get drink refills at Disney?

Walt Disney World Resort offers Refillable Mugs for guests to purchase and use for free refills.

Where can you buy Disney souvenir cups?

…and a whole slew of iconic park icons! Maybe we’re imagining it, but it almost seemed like our Glacier tasted BETTER in our new cup! You can snag this souvenir at Zuri’s Sweets Shop in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for $10.99 (Glacier included) and we’ll keep an eye out for it elsewhere!

Are refillable mugs at Disney worth it?

Another thing to mention is that rapid refill mugs can only be refilled in Disney resorts, not the parks. That said, if you’re planning to resort-hop quite a bit during your stay, this cup will definitely be worth it.

Can you use old Disney refillable mugs?

We still have our Disney refillable mugs from our last visit several years ago. … You can bring these older mugs with you and use them for ice water at the parks and during your stay, but they won’t be able to be re-activated for your upcoming trip.

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Do Disney refillable mugs expire?

While the answer to this question at one time might have been different, the answer now is a clear hard no. The beverage stations won’t refill anything without an active RFID chip, which technically expires 14 days after purchasing the mug. … You will not receive a discount, however, for reusing your older mug.

Is food at Disney World expensive?

So budgeting about $12 per person for any quick-service meal at Disney is a good figure. Kids’ meals are usually about $6.19-$6.99 at most. The thing to keep in mind is that most meals come as the main dish and a side. Fountain or bottled beverages are not included.