Best answer: How do I get free Disney plus on fortnite?

Starting on Wednesday, anytime you buy something in Fortnite, including V-Bucks, using real money, you’ll get an offer for two free month of Disney Plus.

Can you still get Disney plus from Fortnite?

Fortnite players will be able to get 2 months of Disney+ for free. According to Marvel on Twitter, players who purchase V-Bucks or make any real money purchase from the in-game store from Nov 13 until December 31, 2020, will get up to 2 months of Disney+ for free.

How do I get Disney+ with Fortnite?

Once the offer goes live, you’ll have to go to to redeem. The site is not live right now, however. If you make any purchases now, I would also hang onto the receipt emailed to you just to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Can you get Disney plus by buying V-bucks?

Any purchases on Fortnite, including the purchase of V-bucks, will earn you a 2-month Disney Plus subscription free! However, this offer is only available for new subscribers; therefore, if you had already subscribed to the Disney streaming service, then you won’t be eligible for the offer.

Is Disney Plus free with Xbox Live Gold?

Once you’re all set up, new Disney+ subscribers will be able to claim a free 30-day trial through Xbox Perks, which you can access through the Perks gallery on your Xbox console, mobile app or Windows PC. You’ll then be redirected to the official Disney+ website to activate your subscription.

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Does Fortnite own Disney?

Tencent in 2012 paid $330 million for a 40% ownership stake of Epic Games. In 2017, the company received a strategic investment from Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) as part of the Disney Accelerator program. … Epic Games is the developer and publisher of Fortnite, which has more than 350 million registered users.