Will Disney make a live action Sleeping Beauty?

Disney has captured our imaginations for decades and continues to find new ways to return to stories that defined the studio. The company’s current strategy is revisiting animated classics such as CINDERELLA, SLEEPING BEAUTY, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST through live-action and photorealistic CG remakes.

What live-action movie is Disney making next?

Cruella – release date 28th May 2021

In Disney’s upcoming live-action film Cruella, we heard the story of how the iconic character became the woman she is.

Is Disney making a live-action tangled?

Further, Disney is soon set to release a live-action version of Rapunzel. Ashleigh Powell is reportedly going to be the screen-writer of the live-action Tangled film, according to The DisInsider. The film will be produced by Michael De Luca.

What Disney movies are coming out in 2023?


Release date Title Studio release label
May 5, 2023 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Marvel Studios
May 26, 2023 The Little Mermaid Walt Disney Pictures
July 28, 2023 Untitled Marvel film Marvel Studios
October 6, 2023 Untitled Marvel film

Is Dr facilier Tiana’s dad?

Facilier is Tiana’s father James, the one who supposedly died at the war. … But like Cassim in “Aladdin III”, Facilier eventually forgot his first goal, and over the years his heart was darkened by the many tricks he had to play on innocent people to pay his always-increasing debts to the Friends on the Other Side.

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Are they going to make a live-action frozen?

Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, who teamed up on “Pocahontas,” will write the music while Josh Gad (“Frozen”) is producing. Deadline reports the live-action film will adapt both the 1996 Disney film and the Victor Hugo novel.