Why is there no Lion King ride at Disneyland?

What ride is being replaced at Disneyland?

Key Facts. Disney announced in June 2020 it would replace the imagery on the Splash Mountain log flume ride with new material ride based on The Princess and the Frog, after the racial justice protests last summer inspired a fresh wave of criticism of the attraction.

What is closed for refurbishment at Disney World?

Current and Upcoming Closures and Openings for Walt Disney World

Refurbishments – Attraction or Dining Venue Closes Re-Opens
The Diamond Horseshoe (Dining) 3/16/20 9/11/21
Let the Magic Begin (Attraction) 3/17/20 the future
Casey’s Corner Pianist (Attraction) 6/1/20 the future
Cosmic Dance Party (Attraction) 6/1/20 the future

Who is Nala’s dad?

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