Question: Why does Disney not sell Dr Pepper?

Does Disney serve Dr Pepper?

What you’ll find at Walt Disney World are products from Coca-Cola. The Quick-Service locations at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels like Capt. … They carry a wide variety of items, including your favorite Diet Dr Pepper, and they are a popular choice for grocery delivery to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels.

Why does Disney not have Dr Pepper?

Dr. Pepper is distributed by different brands depending on where you are located in the US, but it is not distributed to Walt Disney World. Herein lies a big complaint for lots of Disney fans—but it doesn’t look like Disney’s contract with Coca-Cola is going anywhere soon.

Does Disney World have Mr Pibb?

Mr. Pibb is owned by Coca Cola… Coca-Cola Products are sold and vended throughout the WDW Resort….

Is there Dr Pepper in Florida?

Dr Pepper is NOT Pepsi, but in the Tampa/Orlando area, it is bottled by Pepsi and therefore will not be available at Disney. Right on I-4 in Lakeland is the regional Pepsi bottling plant.

Does Disney get free Coke?

actually, WDW does get all its Coca-Cola products for free. It’s a marketing agreement. Coca-Cola provides WDW w/ free Coke, provided that they don’t sell any other brands on Disney property (that’s why you can buy pepsi at Shades of Green, but walk across the street to Poly and only get Coke).

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Does Disney give free water?

Luckily, Disney World provides free ice water at many of its dining locations across the four theme parks. In addition to picking up a cup of water with your lunch or dinner at Disney World’s counter service restaurants, there are a number of kiosks and walk-up locations that also provide cups of ice water.

Can I buy a case of water at Disney World?

You can buy a case of water in the store at your Walt Disney World Resort. It is reasonable and we do this when we only need water for our stay. If we need more groceries, we order from an online grocer such as Garden Grocer who can deliver to our resort.