Question: How do you earn Sorcerer’s coins in Disney arena?

How do you get Sorcerer’s coins in Disney arena?

You can get them by completing Trials of Wizards. Club coins. Club coins are used to purchase items in the exchanger. As you progress through the Club Dungeon and participate in Club Conquests and other Club Events, you will earn Club Coins.

Who is the strongest character in Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Hades. The evilest person in the Disney world and no doubt the strongest character in the game also. Hades’ passive allows him to cleanse himself from any effect and increase the speed meter if the health falls below 50%.

How do you unlock Maleficent?

Unlock Cost

Maleficent is a character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. She is the main antagonist of the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. To unlock her, you need 80 Maleficent Chips.

How do you use potion levels in Disney arena?

Get Permanent Stats Upgrade with Level Up Potions

Next, tap on a character card under “Characters”. You will see a character’s current level on the right side of his page. Tap on the yellow “level up” button and then tap on the same button again to upgrade your character.

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How do you get ultimate chest tokens?

Get Tokens from Prize Chests

Complete all battles on a campaign stage to unlock the prize chest. Prize chests usually contain coins and character tokens. For example: In Grand Campaign, completing the first 6 battles of the first stage will let you unlock the prize chest.

What is potency in Disney arena?

What is potency Disney arena? A high potency heightens your chance of applying a negative effect TO an enemy. A high tenacity heightens your chance of resisting a negative effect FROM an enemy.

How do you play with friends on Disney arena?

Once you’re on the same server:

  1. Join the conversation in global chat. Your friends will be able to tap on your name in chat and add you as a friend. …
  2. Join the same guild. Once you’re in the same guild, you can add each other as friends and always be in touch.

How do you level up fast in Disney heroes?

You can increase the team level by completing quests. Complete Quests -> Earn Team XP -> Level-Up Fast. Go to the quest tab of the game and check out all the tasks you have to complete in order to gain team XP.

What is haste in Disney arena?

Haste: Increases Attack and Movement Speed of the affected character by 50%. Offense Up: Increases Offense by 50%, causing the affected character to deal more damage.

How do you get to Zurg in Disney arena?

Battle against the Queen of Hearts to earn a new event currency, Heart Coins. Each tier of the event will have a limited number of currency you can earn. The Heart Coins can be exchanged for the Heart Chest, where you will earn Zurg Tokens.

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