How do you get to Zurg in Disney arena?

Who is the strongest character in Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Hades. The evilest person in the Disney world and no doubt the strongest character in the game also. Hades’ passive allows him to cleanse himself from any effect and increase the speed meter if the health falls below 50%.

How does Club conquest work in Disney arena?

The Club Conquest is where one club will battle with two other clubs during the. And only that’s not it, the battle is about capturing and defending the towers with the characters you have. The rewards that pop out from the Club Conquest are exclusive such as character tokens of Davey Jones.

What is haste in Disney arena?

Haste: Increases Attack and Movement Speed of the affected character by 50%. Offense Up: Increases Offense by 50%, causing the affected character to deal more damage.

What are Disney Arena tactics?

Tactics: Chance occurrences on the affected character’s abilities are guaranteed. Life Drain: Affected character heals a percent of damage dealt. Taunt: All enemies must attack Characters with Taunt. Counter: Affected character will immediately attack the character who attacks it next.

Is Disney Sorcerer’s arena free?

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account.

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How do I restart Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Tap on the Gear icon on the left side of the game screen, then tap the Restart Game button.