Did Walt Disney ever live in Marceline Missouri?

While born in Chicago Walt and his family moved to Marceline in 1906 when he was four. … In 1911 the family moved to Kansas City. Disney always said the time he spent in that small town were some of the happiest days of his life and formed the basis for his future projects.

Was Walt Disney from Missouri?

Walt Disney first came to Marceline, Missouri by train when he was five years old. When Walt returned in 1946, the Santa Fe train depot evoked cherished memories of when he first pulled into the Marceline. As a fitting tribute, the museum that honors him is located inside the very same train depot.

Why did Disney move to Kansas City?

In 1908 Herbert and Raymond decided they had had enough of farming, and of their father’s insistence that they use any extra money they could earn to help support the family. So the farm was sold for $5,175, and the family moved to Kansas City in the summer of 1911. …

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