Your question: Does Disney Do signatures?

Disney Signature Services is here 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Please call (407) 939-7777 or email us at Guests younger than 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

Is Disney World doing signatures?

To accommodate physical distancing, Disney Characters are not currently signing autographs for Guests. You can still expect to see your favorite Characters throughout the theme parks, though! … You may also see beloved Disney Characters just out and about!

Can you still get autographs at Disney World 2021?

At this time, Characters still aren’t signing autographs. In most locations, the Characters are interacting with Guests at designated locations, but from a safe distance.

Can Disney characters get autographs?

Yes, you can – and here at WDW Vacation Tips we take that as a positive sign that character meet-and-greets and autograph signings are not going to be a thing of the past forever.

Does Tinkerbell still fly at Disney World 2021?

Tinker Bell does still fly during the Happily Ever After nighttime show! This show features fabulous fireworks and wonderful projections on Cinderella Castle, and plays nearly every night at Magic Kingdom.

Can you hug characters at Disney World?

While you won’t be able to hug them, they will wave and interact with Guests as they make their way down the parade route. In Epcot, you can see Disney Princesses in the Princess Promenade, touring World Showcase in a horse-drawn carriage.

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Can you mail to Disney characters?

If you write a letter to a Disney character, you can mail it to either Walt Disney World, Disneyland or both. Here at WDW Vacation Tips, we recommend sending a letter to both locations to increase your chances of getting a signed autograph back in the mail.

Are there no characters at Disney?

No Character Meet and Greets – for Now

Your kids might miss the hugs and the up close and personal experience, but Disney has gone out of its way to still make it special. We think Disney is doing a great job. I’m sure there are guests who miss the experience of standing in line to meet characters and get autographs.