You asked: Which Disney World park has cars?

Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the best place at Walt Disney World in Orlando to get your fix of “Cars” characters. ​ Here, kids can meet the star of Disney and Pixar’s “Cars 3” film Cruz Ramirez or visit their old friend Lightning McQueen.

Is Lightning McQueen in Florida?

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy Ride Location

The Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy attraction is located at the Sunset Boulervard area of Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.

What car is Lightning McQueen?

The Pixar team, with Cars director John Lasseter in the driver’s seat (oh good Lord, we’re so sorry), joined forces with Chevrolet to model McQueen on the company’s then-current Corvette model, the C6.

Does Radiator Springs have a drop?

Radiator Springs Racers go up to 40 zippy miles per hour, but there aren’t any huge drops or creepy elements to this ride. Sitting in race cars from the Cars movie series, riders take a low-key spin through Radiator Springs complete with a turn inside Ramone’s House of Body Art or Luigi’s Casa Della Tires.

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