You asked: Is Disney World busy during Easter?

Fairly average crowds, warm temperatures, an EPCOT festival, Easter celebrations and more are our top reasons to visit WDW in April. If you haven’t spent Easter at WDW before, even though it does draw some pretty heavy crowds, I absolutely recommend doing it (at least once)!

Is Easter a good time to visit Disney World?

April. April is characterized by heavier crowds and milder temperatures. Spring Break and the Easter holiday are especially popular times to visit Disney World, so we would avoid these periods if possible. Temperatures rise to the mid-80s and the flowers and trees are in full-bloom mode.

Is April a good time to go to Disney World?

April is such a beautiful month to visit Walt Disney World – the weather is gorgeous and the flowers are at their finest. Expect mid-level crowds all month except for Easter week, when crowds spike to peak levels. Use a good touring plan to help you manage lines and plan to have a great time.

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Is Disney World busy the week after Easter?

It’s hard to estimate the number of guests visiting Disney World, but it is usually more crowded during weeks when schools are out for spring break. … The week after Easter is often less likely for schools to take the week off, but you should not expect to see empty parks.

What is the cheapest month to go to Disney?

What is the Cheapest Time to Go to Disney World in 2021?

  • The cheapest time to go to Disney World is from early January until President’s weekend in February. …
  • The second least expensive time is in late August through September when there is always a lower demand.

What is the slowest day of the week at Disney World?

Typically the weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the least busiest days at Disney World.

What should I wear to Disney in April?

Wear a short-sleeved top and shorts during the day and bring a lightweight jacket or sweater that can be kept in a backpack or worn around your waist during the day.

What Easter movies are on Disney plus?

Here’s just a few examples of the Easter and springtime themed movies on Disney Plus.

  • ‘Onward’ Source: disney plus. …
  • ‘Stargirl’ Source: disney plus. …
  • ‘Tangled’ Source: disney plus. …
  • ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Source: disney plus. …
  • ‘Hercules’ Source: disney plus. …
  • ‘Freaky Friday’ …
  • ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’ …
  • ‘Fantasia’

Is Easter a good time to visit Florida?

Spring is usually a great time to go. … Easter is also a very busy time and if you can the Parks are best avoided for a few days over the Easter weekend. However on the plus side the Parks do stay open very late at night over Easter. Summer can be an excellent time to visit with the Parks open long hours.

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What time of year is Disney World least crowded?

Best Time to Visit Disney World Least Crowded Days:

  • March 1 through 5.
  • April 25 through May 1.
  • May 11 through 17.
  • August 10 through 31.
  • All of September.
  • Oct 1 through 21.
  • November 16 through 21.
  • December 1 through 12.

Will there be free Disney dining in 2020?

Free Dining is back in 2020, and Disney has just released the first round of dates for the event throughout the year, with the current dates for Summer 2020. Right now it’s happening in the months of June, July, August, and September 2020. Here are the 2020 Disney World Free Dining Dates: June 27 – June 28, 2020.

What day of the week is Hollywood studios least crowded?

Suggested Walt Disney World Park Planning Schedule

Keep in mind that Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are the smallest parks, so fill up faster, so the weekend will feel extra crowded at these parks. You will find that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are by far the best days to be in the parks.