You asked: Are old Disney VHS worth anything?

What is the rarest Disney VHS?

Rare Disney VHS tapes could be worth a small fortune

  • “Robin Hood”
  • “Pinocchio”
  • “Dumbo”
  • “Sword in the Stone”
  • “Alice in Wonderland”
  • “Sleeping Beauty”
  • “Lady and the Tramp”
  • “Cinderella”

Can VHS tapes be recycled?

The outer cases of VHS, Betamax and audio cassette tapes are indeed plastic, and at least theoretically recyclable. But you can’t just chuck the whole thing into a recycling bin. The inner tape is made of a phthalate-laden form of the plastic polyethylene, often sold under the trade name Mylar, which is not recyclable.

How much is my Disney VHS worth?

The tapes could be worth anywhere from $50 to $250. Another logo to watch for is “A Walt Disney Classic” on the tapes. WJAX reported that “The Little Mermaid” artwork cover that was first released could be worth up to $3,200. While a black diamond version of “101 Dalmatians” could be worth up to $6,000.

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