Why did Disney sell shades of green?

Can Disney Travel agents book Shades of Green?

Unfortunately Ears of Experience is unable to book Shades of Green reservations due to Shades not being a Disney Resort, it’s a DoD property. If you’d like to stay at Shades you can contact their reservations office at 1-888-593-2242. Please Note: For Ticket Only Questions go to this Page.

How much is Shades of Green per night?

Room Rates

Room Rates (1 Oct 2020 – 30 Sept 2021) CAT I CAT II
Standard Room $139 $169
Poolside Room $149 $179
Junior Suite $319 $319
Garden Suite $349 $349

Is Shades of Green tax free?

there is no tax on Shades of Green’s rates. Shades of Green’s rates go up on 1 October with the next fiscal year’s rates.

Who can use Shades of Green?

*Here’s who qualifies to stay at Shades of Green:

  • Active duty personnel including National Guard and reservists.
  • Department of Defense civilian employees.
  • Retired military (20 years or more)
  • Veterans who are Purple Heart recipients**
  • Veterans who are former prisoners of war**
  • Veterans with service-connected disabilities**
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