Who created Mickey Mouse body out of circles to make the character simple to animate?

Mickey Mouse’s forgotten father: How Ub Iwerks – Walt Disney’s creative partner for 10 years – helped create the iconic character and brought him to life on the big screen before being cut out of his origin story.

Did Ub Iwerks created Mickey?

Ub Iwerks, original name in full Ubbe Ert Iwwerks, (born March 24, 1901, Kansas City, Mo., U.S.—died July 7, 1971, Burbank, Calif.), American animator and special-effects technician who, among many other achievements, brought the world-renowned cartoon character Mickey Mouse to life.

Is Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?

Neither. Mickey is obviously a mouse.

Why did Ub Iwerks leave Disney?

Because of disagreements over production techniques and a desire to set up his own studio, Ub left Disney in 1930 for ten years. By the time he returned in 1940, he had decided to leave animation altogether and turn to his first love, cameras and special effects.

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