Which Disney princess is a Pisces?

Pisces, a zodiac sign that is related to kindness, selflessness, and unworldliness. These three words also describe Princess Aurora perfectly.

What Disney characters are Pisces?

Pisces Hero: Pocahontas

Pocahontas was perhaps the most ~zen~ of the Disney pantheon. A wise, peaceful, and selfless character who was attuned to the planet, deeply spiritual, and romantic — all qualities possessed by Pisceans. For Pocahontas, love and fellowship come before politics and personal gain.

Is Ariel a Pisces?

Pisces – Ariel

Of course if you’re a Pisces you are Ariel. Pisces are daydreamers and are in their own world all the time. They are always dreaming of bigger and better things, just like Ariel. Ariel was not content living in the ocean and fantasized about a new life she could lead on land.

What are the zodiac signs of the Disney princesses?

Disney Princess/Zodiac Signs

  • Aurora as Virgo.
  • Cinderella as Capricorn.
  • Pocahontas as Gemini.
  • Mulan as Leo.
  • Anna as Libra.
  • Belle as Scorpio.
  • Tiana as Sagittarius.
  • Rapunzel as Pisces.

What zodiac is Elsa?

Some say Elsa is a Virgo

With her extreme self-control and tendency to be hard on herself, Elsa shows some of the worst, most self-sabotaging traits of this Zodiac sign. However, her strength and attention to detail also help her run an entire country.”

Who is the queen of all zodiac signs?

Which Disney Villain is the most evil?

15 Most Evil Disney Villains (& The Worst Thing They Did)

  1. 1 Hades: Set The Titans On Mount Olympus.
  2. 2 Ursula: Takes Ariel’s Voice. …
  3. 3 The Horned King: Summoning His Army. …
  4. 4 Man: Shot Bambi’s Mother. …
  5. 5 Scar: Usurping The Throne And Killing Mufasa. …
  6. 6 Doctor Facilier: Killing Ray. …
  7. 7 Judge Claude Frollo: His Whole Reign Of Terror. …
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Is Belle a Pisces?

Pisces: Belle

Belle, a typical Pisces, has sass and spunk, but stays cool and collected in stressful situations. … Belle carves her own path and when she puts her mind to something, no one can stop her.