What was Walt Disney favorite?

Chili was one of Walt’s favorite foods. He was known to prefer simple dishes, and he even had his very own recipe for chili.

What were Walt Disney’s favorite things?

Some of the food Walt Disney liked were hotcakes, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches, chicken livers, spaghetti, fried potatoes, and canned peas. Walt also liked apple, boysenberry, and lemon meringue pie.

What was Walt Disney obsessed with?

Walt Disney died in 1966, but his obsession with animals and conservatism carries on to this day.

What was Walt Disney’s goal?

Walt Disney from the outset only had one goal in mind: to entertain and engage the public, occasionally with a dose of education. He was clear that he created entertainment, not art. Walt Disney competed for the public’s approval with giant movie studios and, later, the powerful television networks.

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