Question: What is Disney doing to be socially responsible?

We are committed to providing comfort, inspiration, and opportunity to children and families around the world through cash and in-kind contributions, volunteerism, our signature social impact program focusing on children’s hospitals and wish granting, and our investments in youth.

Is Disney an ethical company?

The Walt Disney Company is very committed to its ethical program. … Disney believes it must treat its cast members with the utmost respect. By this, the company contributes to their professional development, safety, diversity, etc. Disney’s responsibility to its shareholders is something that is not taken lightly.

How is Coke socially responsible?

Coca Cola introduced its own ways to fight the plastic problem. They started using recycled materials to make the bottles way back in 1991. Over a period of time, they have shifted entirely to recycle materials. One of the first ways in which they started minimizing the ecological impact was through ‘reusing’.

How is Apple socially responsible?

“Apple is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility across our worldwide supply chain. We insist that all of our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. … This is what Apple states on its website.

What does Netflix do to be socially responsible?

Netflix corporate social responsibility is aware of the same, and thus it is involved in organising food drives in the local communities, donating food and emergency relief funds to the needy (Dubuque, 2017).

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Does Disney use child labor?

Disney’s…Cars toys are being made in a factory in China that uses child labour and forces staff to do three times the amount of overtime allowed by law, according to an investigation. One worker reportedly killed herself after being repeatedly shouted at by bosses.

How does Disney treat their employees?

But there’s a dark reality to how some visitors behave and treat Disney World employees, according to law-enforcement reports. Disney World employees are easy targets. Tourists scream at them, sexually harass them and in the most serious cases, physically attack them, according to law enforcement reports.