Question: Can you propose in Disney?

You can still get engaged in the most magical way if your budget doesn’t allow for the professionals. “Disney is for everyone,” says Martens. “As long as you respect the park and the other families there celebrating their Disney trips, you really can propose almost anywhere in the parks,” she adds.

How much does it cost to propose at Disney?

Prices start at $100 for something simple and standard, like a nice dinner, but if you’re willing to spend at least $2,500, you can go all-out with a custom proposal.

How do you propose Disney style?

10+ Disney Proposal Ideas Fit For a Princess

  1. Propose at Disneyland’s Amazing Castle. …
  2. Get Help From Her Favorite Princess. …
  3. Get Creative with a Caricature Proposal. …
  4. Propose on the Tower of Terror. …
  5. Take a Carriage Ride. …
  6. Propose During Disney’s Fireworks. …
  7. Find A Castle To Propose at Near You. …
  8. Cosplay It Up.

Where is the most common place to propose?

These Are the Most Popular Places to Propose Around the World

  • Disneyland, Paris – one in 500 proposals.
  • Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida – one in 555 proposals.
  • Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota – one in 625 proposals.
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris – one in 679 proposals.
  • The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles – one in 1,000 proposals.
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How much is it to rent Disneyland for a day?

Renting Out Parts of the Park

According to one source, renting out one ride or attraction is $50,000 for four hours. It is also possible to rent out areas such as Adventure Land and Downtown Disney, with prices starting at around $250,000.

How much does it cost to get married in front of Cinderella’s Castle?

Events begin 2 or 3 hours after the closing of Magic Kingdom park. There is a $30,000 ceremony fee for this location. Disney chartered transportation is required for this venue.

How many proposals happen at Disney?

Walt Disney’s Epcot Park, Florida – one in 1,428 proposals.

Does Disney do anything special for first time visitors?

You Can Get a Free Souvenir for Your First Trip to Disney

If you mention that this is your first visit when you buy your tickets, check in at a Disney resort, or stop in at Guest Services, you can get a free button to wear around the park.

Does Disney do anything special for engagements?


We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of experiences, enhancements and customizable offerings. … From land to sea, each Disney setting offers unique engagement ideas for every couple—whether you’d like to make a grand gesture or simply share an unforgettable moment together.

How do you get just engaged buttons at Disney World?

If you’re celebrating a special event at Walt Disney World, make sure you stop by Guest Relations or any indoor merchandise location. You can ask for a complimentary button to wear during your visit. (They’ll write your name on the Birthday Buttons.)

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How do you propose to a princess?

10 Proposal Ideas to Make Her Feel Like a Princess

  1. 1 – Do it with Fireworks! …
  2. 2 – Be Her Gold Medal. …
  3. 3 – Give Her the Royal Treatment. …
  4. 4 – Sweep Her off Her Feet. …
  5. 5 – Make Your Day About Her. …
  6. 6 – Bring it Back Full Circle. …
  7. 7 – Cook Her Dinner. …
  8. 8 – Give her the world (or the moon)