Is Mulan the worst Disney movie?

Was Disney Mulan a flop?

Mulan was not a success by traditional box office metrics, with the lowest opening box office of any Disney live-action remake, and the film is like not going to make back its $200 million+ budget. … Although Mulan will be available for free in December 2020, it still made the studio $35.5 million in net profits.

Why is Mulan remake hated?

The boycott stems from actress Liu Yifei’s public support of the Hong Kong police. Liu first revealed her support for the police during Hong Kong’s pro-democracy and anti-police brutality protests in 2019. The film faced more backlash for filming in Xinjiang, a Chinese region where Uyghur are reportedly being detained.

What is the controversy over Mulan?

And this month, keen-eyed critics noticed that part of the movie was filmed in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. Disney thanked Xinjiang authorities in the credits. The Chinese government is accused of persecuting Muslims in Xinjiang in the name of fighting terrorism. Calls for a boycott of “Mulan” have grown.

What happened to the real life Mulan?

She retires to her hometown, where she is reunited with her family and reveals her gender, much to the astonishment of her comrades. Scholars are divided on whether Mulan was more likely a real person or a fictional character of legend.

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Hua Mulan
Traditional Chinese 花木蘭
Simplified Chinese 花木兰

Why is Mulan a bad review?

Mulan is the kind of film that feels almost pointless to review. … The film follows the same beats as the animated feature it’s remaking, and the few new wrinkles it adds to the story feel less like creative motivations and more like mandatory differences to help it feel less like a direct retelling.

Is Mulan a Chinese?

Mulan is based on an ancient Chinese folk story called the Ballad of Mulan (木兰辞 Mùlán Cí). … It is a short folk story comprised of 392 Chinese characters that was created in the Northern Wei Dynasty (386–534). The Ballad of Mulan has been a popular tale since the Tang Dynasty (618–907).

What did Mulan get on Rotten Tomatoes?

Following its release, Mulan is considered Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a professional critic score of 79%.

How much money did the Mulan movie lose?

After reporting an eye-popping $5 billion loss, Disney said it will release “Mulan” directly to the Disney+ as it looks to its budding streaming service to carry it through the pandemic.