Is Interscope Records owned by Disney?

Interscope Records
Founded 1990
Founder Jimmy Iovine Ted Field

Does Disney own a music label?

The division’s subsidiaries consist of two owned record labels—Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records—along with Disney Music Publishing, the publishing entity that administers the company’s music, as well as Disney Concerts.

Who owns Aftermath Interscope Records?

Is Universal Music owned by Disney?

Universal Music Group is a fully owned subsidiary of Vivendi. Disney Music Group is home to Hollywood Records, Walt Disney Records, and Disney Music Publishing.

Are old Disney albums worth anything?

The value of vintage Disney records for sale also hinges on their condition. Sealed records hold a higher value than their unsealed counterparts because they are in pristine condition. If the record is used, be sure it has its original inner sleeve.

Does Aftermath records still exist?

Aftermath Entertainment is an American record label founded by hip hop producer and rapper Dr. Dre. It operates as a subsidiary of, and is distributed through, Universal Music Group’s Interscope Records.

Aftermath Entertainment
Founded March 22, 1996
Founder Dr. Dre
Status Active

Is Billie Eilish an independent artist?

Eilish was homeschooled, something that many say contributes to her independent and unique style It’s her. She’s certainly carved out her own place in a tough industry and endeared herself to an entire generation.

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How much do Interscope Records cost?

Risking a storm of controversy, MCA has offered Interscope about $200 million to purchase a half-stake of the label, with an option to acquire the remainder after five years, sources said.

Does Disney own Hollywood Records?

The label focuses in pop, rock, alternative, hip hop, and country genres, as well as specializing in mature recordings not suitable for the flagship Walt Disney Records label.

Hollywood Records.

Hollywood Records, Inc.
Parent company Disney Music Group
Founded 1989
Distributor(s) Universal Music Group
Genre Various