How do you use Minnie vans at Disney World?

How much does the Minnie van service cost?

How much do Minnie Vans Cost? Minnie Vans typically cost between $20 and $50 around Walt Disney World. This compares to $5 to $15 for the lowest price Uber and regular Lyft options and $15 to $30 for Uber options with car seats. When Minnie Vans first debuted, they charged a flat rate for trips around Disney World.

Does Disney still do Minnie vans?

Disney’s Minnie Van Service is operated by Lyft, a ride share company. While the Disney World website still shows the service as unavailable, the Lyft app is showing Minnie Vans once again.

Do you tip Minnie van drivers?

Should You Tip a Minnie Van Driver? At the end of the ride, you have the option to tip your driver through the Lyft app. You could also offer a cash tip if you felt you received excellent service (I have read about guests being given an extra fastpass during their ride, which is above and beyond).

Do Minnie vans go to Universal?

No. Unlike Lyft or taxis (both of which can travel throughout the entire Orlando area) Minnie Vans can only operate on Disney property which includes the 4 main theme parks, all Disney-owned resorts, Disney’s 2 water parks, and Disney Springs.

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How many can fit in a Minnie van?

The average Minnie Van can hold up to six guests making it perfect for slightly larger families and is equipped with 2 versatile car seats. The Minnie Van Airport Shuttle can hold up to six passengers and eight medium-sized suitcases. Up to three complimentary car seats can also be provided.

What is replacing Disney Magical Express?

Mears Connect is replacing Disney’s Magical Express on January 1, 2022. Previously, this year we relayed the news, that Magical Express would no longer operate come the new year. Unquestionably, people were very upset by this news, and fans petitioned to keep the service running.

Do you show ID at Disney?

Upon entering the parks, you will not need to show the ID. Cast Members will scan your ticket.

Do Minnie vans go to airport?

The cost of the Minnie Van airport service is $155 each way; gratuity not included. The Minnie Van airport ride operates from between 6:00 AM and 11:59 PM.

How much is an Uber from Orlando airport to Disney?

An Uber from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World typically costs $30 to $40. We occasionally use Uber as an alternative to Disney’s Magical Express airport shuttle service.