Do any Disney characters have beards?

Most of the Seven Dwarfs have pretty epic beards (except for Dopey, of course) but Sleepy has the longest one of all. Jafar’s beard is twisted… just like his personality. Flynn’s facial hair isn’t as grand as other characters’, but we love him fiercely so it totally works. Look how happy he is with his beard!

What cartoon characters have beards?

5 Great Cartoon Characters With Facial Hair

  • Yosemite Sam. The wild cowboy was famous for his rootin, tootin, double pistol shooting and screaming some gibberish about catching Bugs Bunny. …
  • 6 of the 7 Dwarves. …
  • Peter Griffin. …
  • Super Mario Bros. …
  • Ned Flanders.

Does Gaston have a beard?

William Gaston Lewis’ middle name reminds me of a Disney character… For all of Gaston’s positive attributes, he doesn’t have a beard!

Can Disney employees have facial hair?

Facial Hair: From now on, Disney will not limit the length of facial hair. However, it must be “neatly groom and well maintained.” Cast members may also shave lines or shapes in facial hair, as long as they meet the standards of non-offensive words or symbols.

What kind of facial hair does Flynn Rider have?

19. Yes, this is Flynn Rider (and Rapunzel) from Tangled! Though we don’t get to see the front of his face, we can tell from the side that this is a polished, smoldering goatee.

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Can male Disney cast members wear earrings?

Men will be allowed to wear earrings and bracelets too, etc. (still no other piercings can show – they’re not THAT progressive yet, LOL) Nail polish: any color will be allowed, as long as it’s solid and men will be able to wear colored nail polish as well.