Your question: How does Disney aspire work?

With Disney Aspire, the Company’s new Education Investment Program, the future is yours! … US-based Regular Full-Time Hourly and Regular Part-Time Hourly employees and Cast Members (both non-union and union) are eligible for the program after 90 days of employment with Disney.

How does the Disney Aspire program work?

Launched in August 2018, the Disney program—known as “Aspire”—covers 100 percent of tuition costs and provides support services to employees as they work toward their degrees. It allows access to 11 universities and technical schools, including online programs by the University of Arizona and the University of Florida.

What programs does Disney aspire offer?

Eligible employees and Cast Members can now pursue a degree in Cloud Computing, Digital Photography, Legal Studies and Higher Education Administration, among others.

How many degrees can you get with Disney aspire?

Cast members are allowed to earn one bachelor’s degree or one master’s degree. Disney partners with the Guild Education, a company that organizes which schools and degrees will be offered to participating companies.

Is Disney still doing aspire?

Disney Aspire was launched in 2018 as a program that would pay for tuition and books for The Walt Disney Company’s hourly employees. … Disney Aspire will continue to be available to our eligible employees, including those who are on furlough.”

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Do Disney employees get free tickets?

If you love everything Disney, a job at Disney World may sound like a dream come true. For one, you’ll get to take your friends and family to the theme parks because Disney World employees get free tickets. You’ll also get tons of other freebies and discounts on Disney merchandise.

Does Disney pay for tuition?

Disney pays for 100 percent of tuition at select schools

The Disney Aspire program offers eligible hourly employees and cast members 100 percent tuition at schools within the Aspire Network.

What degrees does Disney pay for?

Dreams within Reach.

Disney pays 100% tuition up front at network schools for programs that include high school completion, language learning, skilled trade diplomas, undergraduate degrees, Master’s degrees, and more.

Does Disney pay for college?

Tuition Assistance

Includes Educational reimbursement and Disney Aspire, which pays 100% tuition upfront at network schools for full-time and part-time hourly employees.

Does Disney pay for your MBA?

The program covers 100% of the employee’s tuition and will even pay for course materials, including the cost of textbooks, as long as the employee is taking courses through one of the partner schools. The program pays the tuition fee upfront instead of reimbursing the employee after the class has been completed.

How do you become a Disney aspire?

Who’s eligible to be part of Disney Aspire? US-based Regular Full-Time Hourly and Regular Part-Time Hourly employees and Cast Members (both non-union and union) are eligible for the program after 90 days of employment with Disney.

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Does Disney have good benefits?

Disney received a 4.0 overall benefits rating on a 5-point scale, which accounts for basic benefits like health insurance, vacation time and retirement plans, as well as more unique perks.

Why should I work for Disney?

The benefits:

Apart from basic job benefits including medical insurance, ample vacation time, and retirement plans, the rewards (both mental and physical) go “to infinity and beyond.” Every Walt Disney world employee receives free admission to the parks for anytime they want.

Does Disney offer benefits to part time employees?

Disney, like many companies, does not offer its part-timers health coverage or a retirement plan, and worker advocates fear the company’s strategy ultimately will deprive thousands of full-time-job seekers of those benefits.