Your question: Does Disney World have big roller coasters?

What is the highest roller coaster in Disney World? Expedition Everest is the tallest attraction at Disney World, and its drop is the longest and most intense of the roller coasters.

Does Disney have big rides?

Space Mountain

It is one of Disney’s classic rides and (along with its Disneyland counterpart) probably the world’s most famous indoor coaster—and one of the most famous coasters of any kind. You might be surprised to learn that Space Mountain pokes along at a top speed of only 27 mph.

How big is too big for Disney World?

Height Concerns on the Disney World rides

According to Services for Guests with Disabilities, tall people will be fine on most rides. However those who are close to 7 feet or taller will have problems with some rides.

What’s the biggest Disney park?

The BIGGEST Disney theme park in the world is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park– 500 acres.

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