Will Disney continue the Punisher?

New Punisher Series Will Reportedly Be Adult Territory, Not On Disney Plus. … Tipster Mikey Sutton is now claiming, though, that the Punisher will find himself starring in a Hulu TV series, one that will retain the hard edges of his comic book counterpart and be very much adult territory, with Bernthal still on board.

Will Punisher continue?

Most notably, ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ were cancelled after massively successful albeit short runs. The decision came from Netflix most likely due to the fact that Disney+ was increasingly encroaching on Netflix’s territory by acquiring a collection of Marvel titles for itself.

Is anyone picking up The Punisher series?

All episodes of the first season were released on November 17, 2017. A month later, the series was renewed for a second season, which was released on January 18, 2019. On February 18, 2019, Netflix canceled the series after two seasons.

Does Disney own Netflix Marvel?

Netflix had cancelled all of the series by February 2019, as Marvel’s parent company Disney was preparing its own streaming service Disney+.

Marvel’s Netflix television series
Original language English
No. of seasons 13 (across 6 series)
No. of episodes 161

Does the Punisher end on a cliffhanger?

No, the storyline was resolved in the second season of the series. The second season has a satisfying open ending. The Punisher was cancelled in 2019 with the rest of the Netflix – Marvel titles, so there will be no season 3 unfortunately.

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Who is Jon Bernthal’s wife?

Will Punisher be in Moon Knight?

Punisher To Feature In Upcoming Disney+ Moon Knight. Marvel continues to expand its Cinematographic Universe. The production company is in immense proportions making more and more productions.

Does The Punisher have powers?

The Punisher (Frank Castle) is an antihero vigilante in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the most iconic antihero comic characters and is well-known for his goal to kill as many criminals as he can.


The Punisher
Powers None (generally), Angelic Powers (briefly, as an angel), Super-Strength (briefly, as Franken-Castle)