Why is there no more Disney crossy road?

We can only guess why Disney Crossy Road got removed from the app stores, as Disney and Whipster Whale did not announce any reasons for that move. The game was not that old eighter (only 4 years), and we can assume they also made quite some profit through in-game purchases or other advertisement strategies.

Where is Disney crossy road available?

Disney’s version of Crossy Road is now available for free from the Google Play Store! Kris Carlon is Android Authority’s Executive Editor, a half-British Australian living in Berlin traveling tirelessly between the US and China.

How can I play Disney crossy road?

When you first launch Disney Crossy Road, tap the Play button to spin the Toy Capsule vending machine to win your first figurine, Mickey Mouse!


  1. Tap anywhere on the screen to hop forward.
  2. Swipe left or right to move horizontally.
  3. Swipe down to move backward.

Is Disney crossy road on Iphone?

IMPORTANT: Disney Crossy Road has been retired on iOS, Android and Amazon. While this app may still be playable, there are no plans for future updates. … Tap and swipe your way to a record-setting number of steps with 100+ Disney and Pixar figurines while dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles!

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Is crossy road an offline game?

Crossy Road is a simple endless running game, which reminds us of Flappy Bird. Crossy Road can be played on Android or iOS devices without any internet connection, but you then can not use features that require a connection, like joining online leaderboards or events.

How do I unlock the secret characters in Crossy Road?

DISNEY CROSSY ROAD Moana Update – Secret Characters Unlock

Get the characters Moana, Maui, Hei Hei and Pua to unlock the Frog Monster. Play as Hei Hei and collect 25 chicken feeds. Play as Grammy Tala and die 25 times. Play as Toddler Moana and find the fish hook within the level.

What is a limited edition token in Disney Crossy Road?

Tokens are a type of currency used in Crossy Road to unlock rare secret characters that cannot be obtained by any other means. They can be obtained by watching video offers labeled with a green bar or by winning prizes in Pecking Order. They look similar to Coins, but are shamrock green instead of yellow.

How do you get the piffle ball in Crossy Road?

Piffle Ball is a secret character so it can not be unlocked from the prize machine. Just like with Marmalade, you need to collect piffle items. The exact amount of each is unclear, but they can be accumulated across multiple rounds.