Which Disney Princess attracts animals?

When it comes to earning the trust of animals, Snow White is the OG. She essentially wrote the rulebook on getting animals to cheerfully do her bidding.

What Princess sings to the animals?

After running deep into the forest, Snow White accidentally scares off the forest animals. Do you think she can make friends with them by singing a song?

Which Disney Princess attracts birds?

The Birds are Cinderella’s feathered friends in Disney’s 1950 animated film, Cinderella.

What color is Snow White’s eyes?

Who’s the worst Disney princess?

15) Princess Aurora – Sleeping Beauty

Aurora is, undoubtedly, the worst Disney character to ever exist. Not that she exists all that much, mind you: she appears on screen for 18 minutes. Her first line is spoken 19 minutes into the film. Her last line is delivered after she learns of her betrothal, 39 minutes in.

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