Where can you buy Mickey waffles at Disney?

Locations. Mickey waffles can be found in just about every theme park, resort, and cruise ship Disney has it’s name on! Head over to any of the character breakfasts like Goofy’s Kitchen, Storytellers Cafe, Minnie’s Breakfast at the Plaza, the PCH Grill, and Ariel’s Grotto to grab Mickey Waffles.

How much do Mickey waffles cost?

There’s now a SIDE of a single small Mickey Waffle, and it costs $2.99. If you don’t wanna commit to a whole plate of waffles but want a little touch of Mickey, this side may be perfect for ya! Here’s hoping it debuts at more restaurants soon.

Does Kona Cafe have Mickey waffles?

Their allergy friendly Mickey waffles call my name! It’s been a while since I’ve had my Kona Cafe Mickey waffle fix, so I decided this was the place to head to on my day trip to WDW. First up was a ham omelet (hold the cheese), and the chef subbed out the potatoes and biscuit for Mickey waffles.

How much is a breakfast buffet at Disney World?

Breakfast Buffet: Adult: $24.50.

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