What is intimidate in Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Inflicts a new harmful effect: Intimidate – Intimidated units can’t Assist, Counterattack, or gain bonus Speed Meter. Can purge helpful effects and cleanse harmful effects. Passively grants Tactics to teammates, and assists when teammates with Tactics attack.

What does fear do in Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Fear: Affected character will not be able to dodge or resist enemy attacks or effects. Stun: Affected character cannot use abilities.

Who is the strongest character in Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

Hades. The evilest person in the Disney world and no doubt the strongest character in the game also. Hades’ passive allows him to cleanse himself from any effect and increase the speed meter if the health falls below 50%.

What are Disney Arena tactics?

Tactics: Chance occurrences on the affected character’s abilities are guaranteed. Life Drain: Affected character heals a percent of damage dealt. Taunt: All enemies must attack Characters with Taunt. Counter: Affected character will immediately attack the character who attacks it next.

How do you reroll Disney arena?

You can reroll for better characters. To do this, all that you have to do is delete the game, and then reinstall it. When you delete it, you delete any data that isn’t linked to a Facebook or Game Center account. Make sure to unlink your Game Center just in case.

Who created Disney Sorcerer’s arena?

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