Question: How much are the Mickey balloons at Disney World?

The cost of the Disney balloons in Walt Disney World: The popular clear balloon with colorful Mickey shaped insert sells for $14. At night, they have a flashing colored balloon that sells for around $18. Balloons can be purchase in the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and can also be found at Disney Springs.

How long do Disney balloons last?

This is a great question with an even better answer – the iconic Disney ‘Mickey Ear’ Balloons stay inflated forever! Well, okay, not actually forever. But they do stay inflated anywhere between three and six weeks.

Are Disney balloons free?

Before you go through security, stop by the Magic of Disney Store at the airport and they will deflate your balloon for you for free! When you get home you can take them to a local party supply store to be inflated again.

Are Disney balloons worth it?

1) Balloons

Sorry to be the fun police, but Disney balloons aren’t worth the money. … So unless you have a stroller to tie it to, or have a member of your party willing to not ride the attraction just to hold the balloon then you cannot keep it.

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Can you reinflate Disney balloons?

The Disney balloon with the Mickey shaped balloon inside the “Deco” bubble balloon (the classic balloon you’re probably thinking of) can be reinflated after your trip! … If you have any other type of Disney balloons, these can be easily be untied and deflated, then reinflated at any local florist or Party City.

What do you do with Mickey balloons?

Any party store should be able to help re-inflate your Mickey head balloon for you once you return home. Mickey Mouse “Glasshouse” balloons are exclusively sold at Disney theme parks (excluding Animal Kingdom Park, as they could be dangerous to the animals). From time to time, you can also find them at Disney Springs!

Can you take Disney balloons on the plane?

Can I take an inflated Mickey Balloon on the airplane? Sadly not. You will not be able to get past security with a helium filled balloon. So, save yourself having to part with it completely by having Earport deflate it for you.

How much does it cost to ride the balloon at Disney Springs?

Pricing: $25 for adults (ages 10 and older) $20 for children (ages 3 to 9)

How much are Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland?

The current prices for Mickey Mouse ears range from $14.99 to $24.99. Please note that this does not include tax and all prices are subject to change. The basic embroidery is $3.00, but you may choose a premium embroidery font which will be priced at $7.00.

Are Disney balloons biodegradable?

No environmental groups have contacted Disneyland with concerns about any potential litter problem, Flores said. And besides, he explained, the balloons being used are natural latex. “They’re 100% biodegradable.”

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