Is Disneyland getting rid of annual passes?

Disneyland in California got rid of the annual pass system altogether. On Tuesday the parks blog announced a new, more expensive, Magic Key system in California that requires advanced registration for key holders at four price points, ranging from $399 to $1,399.

Is Disney discontinuing annual passes?

Disney World isn’t selling new annual passes, and expert warns they might not come back until 2022. … “The Walt Disney World Annual Passholder program remains in place, and we appreciate the continued loyalty and dedication of our current Passholders,” Disney spokeswoman Erica Ettori said in a statement.

Will Disneyland sell annual passes again?

(NEXSTAR) — Walt Disney World announced on Monday the theme park will resume selling annual passes on Sept. 8. Disney paused selling annual passes in July 2020 when the theme parks reopened. Only existing Annual Passholders were allowed to renew.

Why did Disney get rid of annual passes?

With the 2020 park closures due to the global health crisis, Disney had to make a number of changes to the way the business was running. One of those changes meant that Disney World paused the sale of Annual Passes when the parks reopened in July of 2020.

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Can you make payments on Disney annual passes?

California residents will have the option to spread the cost of an annual pass into monthly payments, after making a $179 down payment. The monthly-payment option is interest-free.

Are Disney annual passes only for Florida residents?

In August, Disney Parks announced four new annual pass types for Walt Disney World guests that will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, Sept. 8. Three of four of the pass types are exclusive for Florida residents and offer a payment plan. If you know a Floridian, give them a call and let them know!

What will replace Disney annual pass?

Disneyland launches ‘Magic Key‘: What to know about the new annual pass replacement program. Months after sunsetting its popular annual passports, the Disneyland Resort on Tuesday unveiled a new replacement program: “Magic Key.”

Does Disney have a monthly payment plan?

Luckily Disney World does offer a flexible and interest fee payment plan for all packages purchased directly through the Disney World website and reservation line. Although it is not officially called a “payment plan” it offers many of the same benefits. Best of all, it applies to anyone who signs up.

How much are Disney passes monthly?

“Magic Key” passes range in price from $399 to $1,399 with monthly payment options available for Southern California residents. They can be purchased online at and through the Disneyland app.

Can you split payments on Disney tickets?

If you’re purchasing multiple tickets, you could split your payment into two transactions, and use each gift card for each separate transaction. Another option, if you prefer to make one transaction, is to combine your gift cards online to purchase one Disney Gift Card.

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