Frequent question: What Disney movies came out in 1974?

Herbie Rides Again, The Bears and I, The Castaway Cowboy, and The Island at the Top of the World were released in 1974!

What Disney movie was made in the 70s?


Title US Release
L King of the Grizzlies February 11, 1970
L The Boatniks July 1, 1970
L The Wild Country December 15, 1970
A The Aristocats December 24, 1970

What Disney movies came out in 1973?


US Release movie Name
1972 Now You See Him, Now You Don’t
1973 Superdad
1973 One Little Indian
1973 Robin Hood

What movies came out in July 1974?

The Numbers – Movies Released in 1974

Release Date Movie Genre
July 1 Death Wish Action
July 11 The Tamarind Seed Drama
July 17 Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob Comedy
July 19 Nayak Drama

What Disney movie came out 1987?


Release date Title Studio label
January 30, 1987 Outrageous Fortune Touchstone Pictures
March 6, 1987 Tin Men
May 22, 1987 Ernest Goes to Camp
June 17, 1987 Benji the Hunted Walt Disney Pictures

What Disney movie came out in 2003?


Title Original U.S. theatrical release date Animation studio
The Jungle Book 2 February 14, 2003 Disneytoon Studios
Piglet’s Big Movie March 21, 2003
Finding Nemo May 30, 2003 Pixar Animation Studios
Brother Bear November 1, 2003 Walt Disney Animation Studios
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Was 1974 the best year for movies?

Like that last film, 1974 was dark and full of problems, mixed up in the nostalgic and the new, and also best remembered for a lot of fun moments. It was the worst year as far as many things were concerned, but it was the best year for movies.