Frequent question: Does Disneyworld have boba?

Heck, now you even WEAR boba as an accessory! It goes without question, though, that YeSake is the KING of boba in Disney Springs! We like the kiosk on the west side of Disney Springs for all its whimsical innovations (looking at you, PIZZA BUNS), but some of our favorite treats here are the boba teas.

Does Hollywood studios have boba?

You can find these festive drinks at a bunch of places in Hollywood Studios! It’s on the menu at Backlot Express, ABC Commissary, PizzeRizzo, and Rosie’s All-American Café. The drink is very sweet, but also super refreshing!

What is the Peter Pan float?

❤️ The Peter Pan Float is lime dole whip topped with Sprite and a chocolate feather! Get yours at Storybook Treats! Instead of the usual sunny yellow Dole whip, bursting with pineapple flavor, this Dole whip float is pale green, tastes like lime and gets topped with a generous splash of Sprite.

Is LeFou’s brew alcoholic?

Gaston’s Tavern at Disney World is home to LeFou’s Brew, a delicious drink specific to there. … Just like the rest of the Magic Kingdom, Gaston’s Tavern, a counter-service restaurant found in Fantasyland, does not serve alcohol, but you won’t be missing a thing when you order a LeFou’s Brew.

How much is quickly Boba?

Quickly Boba Menu Prices

Item Price Change
Caramel Milk $4.75 – –
Chocolate Milk $4.75 – –
Nutella Milk $4.75 – –
Matcha Milk $4.75 – –
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