Can you trade pins at Disneyland?

Guests will be limited to two trades per Guest and per pin board. You can find the pin boards at locations throughout the Resort, and you will be able to trade pins using the board of tradable pins on display. If you’re looking to get into Pin Trading at the Disneyland Resort, their website does have some helpful tips.

Does Disneyland do Pin Trading?

If you wish to buy a single pin to remember your trip to the Disneyland Resort, you can do that too; but with an ever-changing selection of more than 60,000 pin designs, you may be hard-pressed to pick just one! Wanna Trade? Here’s how it works: Meet a Disney Cast Member wearing a pin-trading lanyard.

Can you trade pins at Disney 2021?

It’s official… Disney Pin Trading is back at the Disneyland Resort! Today, June 15, 2021, a pin trading board was spotted at Disney’s Pin Traders at Downtown Disney.

How do you trade Disney pins at Disneyland?

Just visit Walt Disney World, the Disneyland Resort or Disneyland Paris, locate a Cast Member wearing a lanyard with Disney pins and find a pin you’d like. Then present another Disney pin to the Cast Member in trade.

Can you trade old Disney pins?

Pin trading is intended to be free; you should never pay to trade a Disney pin. The only pins cast members will not trade are award or service pins and personalized name pins. Pin trading etiquette says you should not touch any of the cast member’s pins.

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Will Disney cast members trade fake pins?

All Disney Cast Members will accept them for trades, but they probably are not pins you would want to keep in your collection if you become a serious collector. … If you or your kids are trading pins with Cast Members, you’re going to get scrappers in return.

Are Disney Fantasy pins illegal?

Many have been calling them “Fantasy Pins” and they are inspired by Disney in some sort of way. These fan pins are not trademarked or officially sanctioned by Disney but so many people are crazy about them!